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Technical Page for Custom AR-15 Build Out

Front Sight Course Review

Jon L.

This is the Technical Information for the Custom AR-15 Build Out
The weapon I chose to take to Front Sight (as pictured above) for the rifle class is as follows: It is a standard "pre ban" CA Registered assault weapon that requires no stupid bullet button.

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The ammo is 6.8 SPC. 6.8 mm Remington SPC
Magpul trigger guard ( AR 15 Enhanced Trigger Gaurd) Allows for user to wear gloves and fills in the void under the grip so you do not get a raw cut open finger where the grip meets the bottom rear of the trigger guard.
Flat Top
The upper is an A-3 Flat top made by EGW Gunworks, a major supplier of Uppers to the AR15 gun industry. Flat Top Stripped Upper Receiver is made in USA with M-4 feedramps and T Marked.
Mussle Break
The Muzzlebreak is a Surefire FA6.8 muzzle break and suppressor adapter for mounting a can/suppressor on the gun. It also acts as a very effective muzzle break, though this one adds some length to the weapon.
Front Hook
Into the Front Hook Adapters. This allows me to use this same VIKING tactics sling as a single point sling and pull the sling tight to the body.
The optic is a Trijicon, TA31-F ACOG. This is the finest rifle scope for an AR, it is used both eyes open up close and gives you 4X power to use the gun out to the limit of the caliber with very easy sighting by using the batteries to fail ever and at night the tritium illuminates the reticle so you can see it. Japanese optic glass gives wide field of view, superior clarity for identifying targets and light transmission. I have tried the Aimpoints, Eotechs, Bushnell's and have had them fail me with batteries and they are great up close, but offer no further ability to engage due to being 1X, it is just easier to use seeing red dot on target versus trying to line up three things, target, front sight rear sight. The red dot just place on target and press the shot.

On the Trijicon, I turn the mount around so the tightening knobs are on the ejection port side of the weapon, this keeps the charging handle side of the gun clean and they do not block your hand when getting to the charging handle. You can find these optics at or
Lower Features
6 position Locking Magpul Stock. CTR Buttstock allows for repeatable, rock solid cheek weld with a long enough toe to fit in the shoulder pocket when mounting the gun as well as a non-slip rubber butt pad, it is adjustable for length to fit different shooters.
Sling Plate Adapter
Magpul Sling Plate Adapter (AR 15 M16 ASAP Sling Adapter) allows for weapon to be sling muzzle up, muzzle down, across the body carry and made into a single point sling by clipping the front hook into the rear sling loop for speed shoulder changes and cqb use.
It features an 18-inch White Oak Armament SS medium weight barrel in 6.8 SPC with the Spec II chamber. White Oak Armament is the Finest match grade barrels made hands down.
Front Sling Adapter
It features a front side sling adapter from Midwest Industries.
Rear Sling Hook
The rear of the sling hooks into the Magpul slap (Ambi sling adapter plate) and the sling uses a marine grade snap shackle to get out of the gun if need be.
Chest Rig and Pouches
Knee and Elbow pads are by Blackhawk. Chest rig and pouches are by Special operations equipment, Made in the MF USA. John and Amanda Willis are awesome people and will take great care of you.
Magpul MIAD Grip with interchangeable backstraps and front straps to fit mynhand. AR 15 M16 Trade Modular Grip Kit allows the user to modify the grip to accommodate hand side, trigger finger position and leverage on the grip.
The sling I use is a padded VTAC sling designed by Ret. Special forces soldier Kyle Lamb. (V-Tac Quick Adjust Sling and see the Featured Video) It features a JP enterprises single stage trigger with a Military hammer spring to make a pull weight of crisp icicle break let off @ 4.5 lbs. I was not able to locate one from Brownells currently. The .308 might be useable in the .223 platform. They currently don't show one for the .223
Gas Piston
The operating system is an ADAMS ARMS gas piston retrofit kit that includes the gas block, self-cleaning gas piston, upper bushing adapter and fully machined bolt carrier. This Conversion Kit is the railed forened is made for ADAMS ARMS by SAMSON Manufacturing.
I have this one with an HK-style hook that will clip into the MAGPUL sling adapter.
Charging Handle
The charging handle has a PRI big weenie latch. To make racking the gun easier and does not abrade the hand.
Pistol Dump Pouch
I wore my pistol, dump pouch for spare magazines and spare ammo carrier on a Viking Tactics battle belt. They no longer make this belt but this is the comparable one from Blackhawk. It featured a Blade Tech holster with tach lok attachment, quad magpouch from SOE, Dump pouch by 5.11 and spare rifle magazine ammo carrier by CA competition works.