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2-Day Practical Shotgun

Front Sight Course Review

Jerry A.

Editor's Note: This is a review for the 2-Day Practical Shotgun Course class offered at Front Sight.
  • 2-Day Practical Shotgun

  • Student: Jerry A.
  • Occupation: Financial Advisor
  • Weapon: Benelli M1 12 ga. Auto
  • Rounds Fired: 200+
  • Number Course Taken: 1st time
  • Student Rating: 9/10
  • Course: Front Sight
How many times have you takes this course?

This was my first time taking the Practical Shotgun course. I have been to Front Sight's Defensive Handgun course three times and have a Distinguished Graduate.

What were your reasons for taking this specific course?

I wanted a basic working knowledge of Shotgun for Home Defense situations vs. Hunting/Sporting shotgun. I also wanted to gain knowledge in pump vs semi-auto for a possible future purchase.

General Comments

I attended this class with a buddy. He rented an 870 (like he had at home) and I rented the Bennelli M1. This allowed us to compare functionality of each for my possible future purchase. Biggest surprise? The number of malfunctions experienced by shooters with the pump shotguns. For the most part, I believe these were "user error" vs. equipment (although there was some of that as well). If you think you're going to use a shotgun in home defense situations, you HAVE to take this course. Until you experience the pressure of the course, you'll never know how you're going to perform in a "real life" situation. It's harder than you'd think.

As we were both somewhat experienced with a shotgun, we took the 2 Day course because we thought "How much can there be to learn/experience?". We soon found out how wrong we were. About half way into the second day we told each other we need to come back to the 4 Day Practical Shotgun or the 2 Day Skill Builder. We really needed to work on the shotgun to become proficient (and I don't mean to DG, that's a ways off).

As usual, the staff and curriculum were first class. This reconfirms that becoming an Ambassador Member was the right choice. The value of the courses has far exceeded my membership price.

Do you have any tips for first-time students of this course?

Use the shoulder pad as soon as you start shooting a lot of rounds. Save your shoulder early. However if you use the "Front Sight stance" and square up more to the target, you'll save your shoulder as well.

Would you suggest this course to others?


How did you get there?

Flew into Las Vegas and rented a car

Where did you stay?

Best Western

How did you handle the ammo situation?

I bought my ammo at Front Sight.

What did you do for your lunches?

Ordered from the Beach Café at Front Sight. They have a new trailer since I was last there and it really helps in the ordering and eating area. This was the first time I have ordered lunches, as previously I've taken four day courses and bought lunch at the grocery store.

Any Dinner suggestions?

Enjoyed El Jefe's and their El Diablo Chicken. As always, their service could be improved. Irene's Casino is a solid value for their food. Decent prices, nice portions, good food.

What other courses do you plan on taking in the future?

In 2014; 4 Day Shotgun or 2 day Shotgun Skill builder as scheduling allows. 2 Day Advanced Tactical Handgun (Day and Night courses)