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4-Day Practical Rifle Course

Front Sight Course Review

Don W. January 2013

Editor's Note: This is a review for the 4-Day Practical Rifle Course class offered at Front Sight.
  • 4-Day Practical Rifle Course

  • Student: Don W.
  • Occupation: Business
  • Weapon: AR-15
  • Rounds Fired: 360 rounds
  • Number Course Taken: 1st Time
  • Student Rating: 10/10
  • Course: Front Sight
What were your reasons for taking this specific course?

I wanted to become more proficient at firing my AR-15 and learn more about it. It is fairly new and hadn't been fired much. The instructors for this course were experts on using this rifle and definitely helped me improve my knowledge and capability.

Is the AR-15 your at-home protection weapon?

I suppose it could be, but I primarily rely on my handguns. I have multiple handguns and shotguns in my house that I would be more likely to use.

General Comments:

I appreciated the focus on safety in this course. The instructors were determined to make safety paramount, so that everyone that comes to train has a safe experience. When you have 35 or so people lined up with different competency levels with firearms, it is very important to have that focus on safety.

Another thing I appreciated was the technical knowledge and competency of the instructors. They are experts in their fields! They were helpful, had a great technical knowledge, showed us proven techniques and procedures, and were happy to assist you in any way.

Also, you really get your money's worth. It's an action packed day! There is a lot of stuff in there. It's a full 8 hours of a good balance between shooting and lectures. Not only are you out there improving your shooting, but you are also improving your technical skills. The lunchtime lectures were excellent and thought provoking. They taught us about the ethics involved in using your weapon for personal defense and made you think about what you would face if you ever had to fire it at someone. The course presented a comprehensive approach with a good balance of instruction between practical shooting skills, technical knowledge, and classroom instruction.

Did you go through the shoot house? What were your thoughts about it?

Yes! We walked down to the canyon "simulator" with an instructor who presented us with various scenarios. That was pretty exciting and fun.

Would you suggest this course to others?

Yes! I'm actually trying to talk my brothers into taking it with me right now. They have full time jobs, so it will be difficult to make it work. But, I'm trying to talk them into right now and create some excitement.

How did you get there?

I drove from my home in Henderson, NV, which took about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Where did you stay?

We stayed at Saddle West. They have a great rate for Front Sight First Family members. It's only $50 a night, plus a great free breakfast in the morning! Saddle West is nice, and they cater to Front Sight Family members. Good rooms and friendly staff.

Did you go with family or friends? If so, what did they think about the course?

Yeah, I went with a large group. There were three of us taking the 4-day rifle course, a couple of us taking the 2-day rifle, and a couple of ladies taking the 4-day handgun course. They were all happy with their courses! All of us had a good time and are already planning our next courses. You always get your money's worth at a Front Sight course.

How did you handle the lunch situation?

We brought coolers with us and did our own thing. One day we got Subway, and another day we ordered our lunch from Saddle West.

Do you have any dinner suggestions?

El Jefe's was very good and reasonably priced. We also ate at Ohjah Japanese Steakhouse Sushi and Hibachi, which is by Wal-Mart. The prices were reasonable, and the staff was very friendly! They gave us a 10% discount and free dessert. Finally, we ate at K 7 Pizza on Hafen Ranch Road in Pahrump, which was very good and friendly; all nice places.