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4 Day Tactical Shotgun

Front Sight Course Review

Jason P. (December 2011)

Editor's Note: This is a review for the 4-day Tactical Shotgun Course class offered at Front Sight.
  • 4-Day Tactical Shotgun

  • Student: Jason P.
  • Occupation: Police Officer/Range Master – Firearms Instructor
  • Weapon: Remington Model 870
  • Ammo Used: Approx. 500 rounds
  • Number Course Taken: First time taken
  • Student Rating: 9/10
  • Course: Front Sight Course
What other classes have you taken at Front Sight?

4-Day Defensive Handgun Course, 4-Day Practical Rifle Course

What were your reasons for taking this specific course?

I have received a DG in both the 4-Day Defensive Handgun and the 4-Day Practical Rifle Course. I took this course for the additional education and experience. I also wanted to receive a DG in this course.

What are your general comments regarding this course?

The instructors in this course were very patient, and they placed a great emphasis on safety – just as they have in the other courses. Safety is paramount to them, as it should be. The instructors not only want students to have fun but also to learn in a safe manner.

The instructors do not emphasis the skills test or pressure the students regarding the test. Their primary concern is that they want the students to be competent with their weapon in a safe manner. I also liked the atmosphere of the class and at Front Sight in general. My wife, who has practically no experience, was in the class with me and was somewhat overwhelmed towards the end of the first day. However, the instructors were able to spend some extra time with her and help her to be more at ease, so that she was able to finish all 4 days.

I also like the fact that they provide plenty of water for the students and that the instructors are very competent as far as assisting students with any problems that they may have with their weapon goes. Further, I enjoy the afternoon lectures and have found that they include a lot of good information for both experienced and novice shooters. Because of my line of work, I never teach first-time students. However, I do use some of the techniques I learn at Front Sight, when I return back home and am acting as a range master/firearms instructor.

I have taken a number of classes at Front Sight, including the 4-Day Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun classes, which included both timed turning targets and a "Night Shoot", prior to 2011. I have taken these classes under both circumstances and strongly feel that the timed turning targets and the "Night Shoot" should be added back to these classes. Granted, the re-addition of this part of the training would extend the class days and does add an additional element of stress for the more novice students. However, I feel that this type of training is crucial for most any person who wishes to be properly equipped to defend himself in a variety of circumstances.

Do you have any tips for first-time students of this course?

Get at least a half a day of practice time in with your weapon before you go. Extended use of a shotgun over a 2 or 4-day period will make a shooter sore, and one should be prepared for this by spending some extended time with their weapon before they go to Front Sight. Be sure to bring sunscreen and to actually use it. Also, bring basic maintenance and cleaning equipment for your weapon in case it is needed.

I also suggest that one bring extra batteries for his electronic ears and snack bars or something for between meals.

How would you rate this class?

I give this class an "8 or a 9". I would have given the class a higher score if it had included turning targets and a "Night Shoot".

Would you suggest this course to others?

Yes, I would suggest this course to others.

How did you get there?

I drove from Los Angeles area, which took approximately 5 hours.

Where did you stay?

I stayed in the RV Park at Terrible's Casino in Pahrump.

How did you handle the ammo situation?

I transported my own ammunition to Front Sight.

How did you handle the lunch situation?

I get the pre-ordered box lunches from the cafe through Front Sight and have found that they are very good.

What other classes are you planning to take in the future?

4-Day Precision Rifle Course, 2-Day or 4-Day Rope, Rappel, and Climb Course