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Camping at Front Sight

Front Sight Course Review

Rick C.

Editor's Note: This is a review about student's experiences while camping at Front Sight
Camping at Front Sight

When I went to Front Sight, I brought a tent trailer with me and camped on site. Camping at Front Sight is primitive camping; there is no water and no bathrooms. It's on top of a bluff, so the wind has a tendency to pick up. If you're in anything with soft sides, like a tent trailer or a tent, the wind can be blowing through there all night and be distracting. Also, your neighbors will most likely run their generators all night long. Fires are not allowed, unless you bring your own fire pit. My suggestion for those who are tent camping would be to move away from the gate and the whole bluff area and find somewhere in the desert. There are spots at the end of Front Sight Road, where you turn off, and halfway in-between. I would suggest staying there, rather than next to the RV's. The other thing that happens is at six o'clock in the morning employees start to arrive, and the water truck will come through and spray down the road. If I were ever to do it again, I would not camp next to the RV's.

The camping is great for RV's. There is plenty of room to get away from everybody. By being in an insulated container, like an RV or a trailer, the noise and wind won't bother you.

In summary, if you are going to be camping in a tent, I would strongly suggest not camping on that bluff but finding a spot on your way in. Also, keep in mind that many students arrive early on the first day of class and park on the highway near where you would be camping.